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HOT! The Hot Rod Tracker #46 And Crew Were Just That on Saturday Night!

Coatesville, PAJuly 23, 2016 – The weather outside was frightful but it was because the temperature was hot and humid at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville PA. Dan Green and the G & H Motorsports team had plenty of water in the cooler to stay hydrated and the track offered water to the drivers. The air conditioned pit office was available for anyone in the pits to step into if needed to cool off. The Rodgers family and race officials were very aware of the dangers in the heat and took every precaution to help the teams. Hats off to them for their concern and awareness!

Heat Race

Dan was scheduled to start 4th in the 2nd 8 lap heat race but pole starter, Chris Wojnor #81 choose to start in the rear putting Dan 3rd. The green flag flew and Dan followed Joe “Geezer” Fanelli #22 into turn one as Byron Sipe #33s took the lead. On lap 2 Chuck Schutz #1 got underneath Dan but pushed up the track in turns 3 and 4 allowing Dan to get back under and take the spot back. The race went green the entire way as Dan finished 3rd with a broken right rear shock mount.

Team Fixes Car

Dan and part of the crew went to work to fix the broken shock mount and checked for any suspension damage that it may have caused. The rest of the crew did their part to prepare the SquireSide Café #46 for the 25 lap feature with fuel, tires and many other things that are done each race night.

Feature Event

Dan was scheduled to start 8th in the main event but Drew Weisser #19 had engine issues and was scratched from the race while Wojnor #81 elected to start in the rear of the field. This put Dan in the 6th starting position. The first try at going green was called back as Fanelli spun in turn two. The next caution came out for Dan as he spun in turn three. With Dan in the back and most of the feature left to run Dan picked his way back into the top ten as the #46 crossed the finish line in 7th. Dan sits in 6th spot in driver’s points for this season.


Brian Shuey #177 picked up his 4th win of the year as its either win or go home as his team has been side-lined after warm-ups the last two weeks with motor issues. Frank Cozze #4 picked up his third of the year in the T.P. Trailers Modifieds and Mike Lisowski #15 got his second Sportsman Feature win of 2016.

Next Event

Dan will race July 30, 2016 for a 4 class night at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville PA featuring the T.P. Trailers Modifieds, BRC Late Models, Sportsmans and the Blast from The Past Vintage Car Club. Adult admission is $15 while youngsters 11 and under are free.

Mark your calendar now for Saturday, August 20, 2016. There will be a car show at Scott Select Pre-Owned Cars in West Chester PA featuring Dan and the #46 NASCAR BRC Late Model! Plans are being made now to have several other Grandview Speedway cars including #22 Joe “Geezer” Fanelli currently 9th in Late Model points, Mike Gular #2 who is 3rd in the T.P. Trailers Modifieds, Nate Mohr #17m Sportsman, Ryan and Kyle Lilick #142 and #104, they are sitting 4th and 16th in Sportsman points respectively. Todd Lapp #PB and Ron Meyers #18 will have their Blast From The Past Vintage cars there as well. There will be plenty to do and enjoy as more information will be available soon.

Team News

Dan Green T-shirts and Hoodies are still available so pick yours up as soon as you can! The team has them at the track or if you can’t make it to the track email us and we can work something out. Shirts are $15, Hoodies are $25 and Hats are $10. Very reasonable for any race fan! If you are unable to make it to Grandview Speedway please email us and we will be able to send to you!

More Information on the team!

Make sure you check out Dan’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/dangreen46and the G & H Motorsports website www.DanGreen46.com. Contact theteam through email at DanGreen46@racingnut.net. Make sure you “Like” Dan’s Facebook fan page!

We have a few videos up on Dan’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzr0kqCybhBN5udpdV0mzfQ

Marketing Partners!

G & H Motorsports thanks all of our sponsors for the 2016 racing season; HOTROD Processing of Bethlehem, PA; HOTROD Tracker of Bethlehem, PA; Scott Select Pre-Owned Cars of West Chester, PA; Andrew Toothman – AMSOIL Dealer; Farmer’s Insurance, Book Agency of Downingtown, PA; Ken’s Towing of Coatesville, PA; Scott Chevrolet of Allentown, PA; SquireSide CAFE of New Holland. PA; Just Mom’s Ice Cream and Grille of Honey Brook, PA; Linda’s Hair Techniques of Avondale, PA; Little Anthony’s Pizza and Grille of Honey Brook, PA; Bernheisel Race Components - LAZER X Chassis of Jonestown, PA; Auman Photography of Pottstown, PA; Brett Higginbotham Web Design of Glenmoore, PA; WIX Filters; NGK Spark Plugs and SLK Print Shop of West Chester, PA.

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Hatfield Quality Meats T.P. Trailers Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1. Frank Cozze, 2. Steve Swinehart, 3. Mike Gular, 4. Brian Houseknecht, 5. Ryan Grim, 6. Kevin Hirthler, 7. Kyle Weiss, 8. Jared Umbenhauer, 9. Kenny Gilmore, 10. Ray Swinehart, 11. Craig Von Dohren, 12. Doug Manmiller, 13. Danny Erb, 14. Tim Buckwalter, 15. Glenn Owens, 16. Chris Esposito, 17. Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 18. Kory Fleming, 19. Chris Gambler, 20. John Willman, 21. Kyle Borror, 22. Ron Seltmann Jr., 23. Blaine Bracelin, 24. Brett Kressley, 25. Nate Christman, 26. Brian Krummel, 27. Justin Grim, 28. Jeff Strunk.
 Hatfield Quality Meats BRC Late Model Feature (25 Laps): 1. Brian Shuey, 2. Chuck Schutz, 3. Dave Ogin, 4. Steve Todorow, 5. Bryon Sipe, 6. Lou Egrie, 7. Dan Green, 8. Bill Henning, 9. Joe Fanelli, 10. Cory Merkel, 11. Shawn Horning, 12. Chris Wojnar, 13. Wayne Pfeil, 14. Eric Hoch. DNS: Drew Weisser and Sean Merkel.
 Hatfield Quality Meats Sportsman Feature (25 Laps): 1. Mike Lisowski, 2. Joe Funk III, 3. Derrick Smith, 4. Mark Kemmerer, 5. Jim Housworth, 6. Jack Butler, 7. Ryan Lilick, 8. Brandon Whitmoyer, 9. Jordan Umbenhauer, 10. Brian Hirthler, 11. Ryan Higgs, 12. Kyle Lilick, 123. Chris Jenkins, 14. Dean Bachman, 15. Jesse Landis, 16. Mike Koffel, 17. Craig Whitmoyer, 18. Kenny Bock, 19. Jordan Henn, 20. Rich Jones, 21. Brett Gilmore, 22. Dylan Swinehart, 23. Brian Papiez, 24. Brad Brightbill, 25. Ryan Beltz, 26. Brad Arnold. DNQ: Ken Eckert Jr., B.J. Joly, Steve Young, Nathan Mohr, Andrew Kries, Steve Searock.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


USS Achey Sportsman were won by Shawn Light followed by Wayne Witmer, Mike Lisowski, Ray Woodall Jr, Brandon Grosso, Doug Hendricks, Daryl Dissinger, Skylar Sheriff, Kyle Gruber, TJ Lily, Chuck Fayash, Billy Moyer, Steve Young, Matt Clay, Ed Mrochko, Greg Cole and Alyssa Fogel. Did not finish were Shawn Fitzpatrick, JR Fulper, Ray Woodall Sr, Glen Rowan, Rich Emel and Ryan Shupp.

 No Sweat Service Group Street Stocks were won by Elvin Brennan III followed by Bobby Kupp, Chris Derr, Eric Tripp, Kyle Saylor, Leroy Long, Chris Heller, Mike Radocha, Rich Bossinger, and Tyler Stump. Did not finish Dustin Rhoads, Jasen Geesaman, Jeremy Becker, and Dean Hine. Did not start Cory Phillips.

 Savage 61 Road Runners were won by Andrew Fayash III followed by Devin Trexler, Steve Gromis, Jim Kost, Terry Kramer, Shon Elk, Dave Long Jr, Kyle Wingle, and Dan Nagle. Did not finish Tim Fitzpatrick Jr, Andrew Buchinski, Kris Ney, and Shawn Mulhall. Did not start Nate Hill and Jesse Krasnitsky

 Vintage car finish #1 was Mike Garris Sr, Wyatt Jacobus, Rick Mutter, Circle M Mystery driver, Bobby Hall, Tom Orth, Jacob Kerstetter, Dave Dissinger, and Chris Schaeff.
Vintage car modified were won by Ronnie Peck, Mike Garris Jr, Kevin Kuser, Brett Peters and Craig Whitmoyer.

 Excel chassis 600 modifieds were won by Aaron Bowes followed by Richie Hitzler, Nathan Brinker, Michael Burrows, Korey Inglin, Billy Koch, Tyler Bartik, Grant Schibilia, DJ Hunt and Josh Bewley were the top 10.
Excel chassis heats were won by Josh Bewley, Billy Koch and Aaron Bowes

ACTION TRACK ACTION (Dennis Takacs photos)

Friday, July 22, 2016


USAC All Pro SpeedSTR Feature, 30 laps: 1.Tim Buckwalter, 2.Billy Pauch Sr., 3.Frank Yankowski, 4.Jay Hartman, 5.Billy Pauch Jr., 6.Steve Nederostek, 7.Louden Reimert, 8.Ray Nemeth, 9.Mike Bednar, 10.Phil Meisner, 11.Matt Janisch, 12.Jeff Hartman, 13.TJ Mayberry, 14.James Morris, 15.Steve Drevicki, 16.Kyle Lick, 17.Briggs Danner, 18.CJ Faison, 19.Joe Mooney, 20.Tim Iulg, 21.Steve Buckwalter, 22.Kenny Brightbill, 23.Andy Haus, 24.Jason Miller, 25.Brad Brightbill, 26.Dylan Hoch, 27.Earl Paules, 28.Doug Manmiller.
DNQ: Keith Prutzman, Joe Vaccaro, John Bockhorn, Damon Paul.

Hyper Racing 600 Sprint Feature, 25 laps: 1.Alex Bright, 2.Billy Pauch Jr., 3.Kyle Spence, 4.Eddie Strada, 5.Jason Swavely, 6.Tim Buckwalter, 7.Dan Schumaker, 8.Shelby Harper, 9.Doug Snyder, 10.Colin White, 11.Bobby Butler, 12.Jacob Severn, 13.Jesse Maurer, 14.Joe Kay, 15.Austin Quick, 16.Wayne Scott, 17.Brandon Heist, 18.Will Butler, 19.Sam Kravitsky, 20.Austin Bishop, 21.Jay Hartman, 22.Eric Ankiewicz, 23.Danny Buccafusca, 24.Taylor Troxell, 25.James Morris, 26.Jarid Kunkle, 27.Brandon Azzalina, 28.Tommy Kunsman.
DNQ: Mike Linderman, Joey Jarowicz, Robbie Hocker, Dave Dimaio, Molly Chambers, Nate Brinker, Ryan Quackenbush, Hunter James, Jermain Godshall, Mark Berkenstock, Don Colaluce, Kenny Miller III, Nate Schumaker, John Vreeland, Dustin Stoltzfus, Joe Plunkett.

NAPA Auto Parts All Star Slingshot Feature, 20 laps: 1.Dave Carraghan, 2.Alex Yankowski, 3.Austin Stufflet, 4.Dale Kober, 5.Seth Spayd, 6.Chris Kurtz, 7.Travis Bieber, 8.Jeff Kemp, 9.Dave Burns, 10.Dakota Kohler, 11.Brayden Best, 12.Anthony Raisner, 13.Henry Anderson, 14.Russ Benke, 15.Dylan Hoch, 16.Taylor Schoenly, 17.Bridget Conti, 18.Nick Vinciguerra, 19.Tim Roeder, 20.Erik Jones, 21.Lee Schantzenbach, 22.Brett Bieber, 23.Joe Bodenschatz, 24.Matt Miller (16m), 25.Matt Miller (57), 26.Nick Delcampo.
DNQ: Mike Taylor, Austin Silfee, Ryan Davey, Taylor Santee, Natasha Henn, Blaire Schoenly, Zac Kistler, John Arms, Jordan Knepp.

Junior Slingshot Feature, 15 laps: 1.Kyle Smith, 2.Reece Nowatarski, 3.Jared Silfee, 4.Cole Stangle, 5.Joey Vaccaro, 6.Tanner VanDoren, 7.Tyler Banks, 8.Tyler Ulsh, 9.Nico Flammer, 10.Logan Bauman, 11.Josh Allen, 12.Gavin Santee, 13.Emily Flemming, 14.Austin Homan, 15.Brandon Schoch.

HTMA 600 Sprint Mad Scramble, 10 laps: 1.Danny Buccafusca (Transfer to feature & $25 Hosensack Poker Club), 2.Brandon Azzalina (Hoosier RR Tire), 3.John Vreeland (Vahlco Aluminum Wheel), 4.Ryan Quackenbush (10 Gallons Fuel from RoadRunner/ VP Race Fuel), 5.Taylor Troxell (RTS Gift Certificate), 6.Nate Schumaker (TSL Shocks Gift Certificate), 7.Hunter James (Kreitz Oval Track Parts Gift Certificate), 8.Don Colaluce (Set of FK Rod Ends), 9.Mark Berkenstock (Saldana Racing Products Gift Certificate), 10.Joe Kay (Free Car Entry @ Action Track USA).