Sunday, November 23, 2008


This team is really becoming hard to watch! Benching McNabb may be the worse move of the year! His display today WAS pathetic! Kolb's display was just as pathetic! Andy Reid has lost control of this team and it is time for him to move on! Our QB's confidence is now in the crapper with the rest of the team!

Night...Night get the light on this season!


Eric said...

andy reid's fault, this team is not as bad as they are playing. Westbrook is aweful at best, because he is hurt....which happens every year.

BVT said...

Hard to watch though...right?

Ayres said...

Hard to watch yes. It is time for Mcnabb and reid to move on. I think putting kolb in reid was hoping the birds would win. That move may have saved his job. Now I say keep the kid in and let him get better for next season.Pretty lame how mcnabb never tried to help kolb all game. Mcnabb just stood there not talking to anybody or helping out.