Saturday, November 29, 2008

The end of an era!

Steve has finally cashed in his chips on competing in the 270 micro wars! Enough is enough! He has sold the car and his enclosed trailer in record time! He made out real well and still has motors to sell! I say, any car you race on dirt you shouldnt have to shift going into and out of the turns!! Now he has plenty of cash to get that modified at Grandview going! (a man can dream) That would be really cool being in the pits every week though! It would be hard not seeing the action and having some beers & shots but, I think I could manage! Oh well, we'll see what happens with Steves racing career next? He might have a shot at running a 600. He also got an offer to run Frank Venezia's sportsman on practice day at Orange County next spring! Maybe that will get him going! Without alot of help it is a tough deal though!


Ayres said...

This is a good thing now you can have a new drinking buddy in the stands. If Steve would come down to GV.

BVT said...

Yeah, he was at more than ever last year! I'm hoping for more this year! We'll see?