Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandview Flea Market

We picked up the Gary Silverman Grandview season in review DVD on this freakin' cold day! It would have been great to hang out with some beers if it was warmer! We talked to Jason for a little bit. He wasnt having much luck selling anything! Also talked to Brad, Jason's buddy, Ryan Watt, Bobby Trapper, Kyle Weiss & the Marburgers. Sounds like the Marburgers are picking up a 10.5 to 1 for next season. Jason put in a call to Chad Sinon to see if he could get any kind of deal going? The old 44 of Danny Erb was there for sale! Bill Gensler had that whole race ready hunk for sale, trailer and all for $10,500. They were serving food out of the Bailey/Meitzler trailer. Hirthlers had alot of stuff for sale. Pretty decent turn out.

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