Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mr Modified Strikes Again!

This pic is from Hershey! We went and checked out the Christmas stuff at Hershey Park yesterday. They gave you these glasses went you went on a 2 mile drive in your car looking at millions of Christmas lights! I thought you would enjoy a pic of Mr. Modified in action! Steve also went to Kreitz's flea maket yesterday and talked to Kenny Gilmore for a while! Kenny was telling him that the BPG car he drove in the 6er 2 years ago when he finished 3rd was unreal! He said the motor power was about the same, but the car twisted and gripped the track better than ANY car he had ever driven! When Kenny asked why this was, The Finch who stole Christmas told him that he had a titanium axle and that made the difference! Jeeeez...wonder what that cost?

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