Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here's a shot of Ryan Godown the "RINGOES ROCKET" at Super Dirt Week! I had a good talk with Johnny Rea at Syracuse. He is a hellava nice guy! I asked him if Ryan and himself were returning to Grandview? He said he would like too, but they have not sat down and talked at that point yet. I did ask Ryan thru-out the fall several times at Grandview and also at Syracuse. Ryan said he did have fun at Grandview this season but his ultimate answer was, "We'll see, not sure at this time". I personally hope he returns to the HILL in 2009! I fear 1 win was not enough and the rough and tumble style of racing may send him back to New Egypt? But, an invader his 1st year at the track taking home 3rd in points is one hellava accomplishment!

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