Monday, December 8, 2008

Jeff Strunk/Vince Gagliardo UPDATE!

Here's a pic of Jeff Strunk & John Willman! Also one of Grandviews officials Charlie Good who I used to run karts against!

Through Steve's source, Mr. Modifed passes on some chatter from the Vince Gagliardo garage! It seems that the Shawn Reimert & Vince break-up is still in chaos! They are arguing over what stuff was each others in the garage! Shawn is very bitter over the break-up! Vince stated that he could'nt pass up the chance to have the "Bethel/Bechtelsville Bullet" Jeff Strunk as his driver! He was not happy with all the money that was spent and the results that he got! I truly dont think he has to worry about that any longer! I am not a Strunk fan, but will love to see Jeff & Vince in victory lane! Vince says that Jeff comes into the shop real late in the day & stays into the wee hours of the morning!

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