Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mike Laise

Watch out Mr. Modified, (Steve) you may be in trouble of losing your nickname? Eric has now joined the battle over who will come up with Grandview or Modified news over the winter months! Mike Laise who is a young and upcoming driver at Grandview works where Eric works! Thus, Eric's connection to the Modified news! Mike just happens to be Ray Swinehart's nephew. Mike recently married Rays granddaughter! Mike told Eric that Shawn Reimert has purchased a car to run weekly at Grandview that he thinks will be housed at his Dad's house! BIG NEWS! Ray Swinehart will supposedly be back full-time at Grandview this year running a 1 ond only Bicknell experimental car! Pete Bicknell is giving the car to ray to run only at Grandview for the season! There will be a few other tracks the experimental car will be run, but all in New York! Back to Laise...Mike will try and run as often as possible but lacks backing and has a baby at home now which cuts down on the funds! I am glad to see that we will get Reimert and Ray back full-time!

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