Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Name That Driver!

Here ya go! I hit ya with an easy one! This is back when we had some year end shows with "Run What Ya Brung" and "Wings and Things". They were also considered open competition shows that were run the last few weeks after the Sixer! I loved the top wings especially because you could see the driver really well! That is one thing I really miss is having a good look at the drivers these days in the cockpit (I said "cockpit" haha) due to the large door panels! This BIG dude even went with the nose wing! This driver was always fun to watch with his aggressive driving style! Can you tell the name or slogan he always had on the car!


BVT said...

Good one! I knew you would be all over that one!

BVT said...

Mr. Rolling Thunder himself...Jack Follweiler