Saturday, January 31, 2009


I sure hope Tim McCreadie makes an amazing recovery! I sure would love to see him run Grandview with the World of Outlaw Late Models on August 13th! Here is the latest on T-Mac's condition!

Tim Meets With Dr. Trammell ... Returning Home Thursday
Tim's good friend James Spink took Timmy to see Dr. Terry Trammell today for a thorough evaluation. He was re-diagnosed as having a burst fracture, instead of a compression fracture as he was previously told in Tulsa, and the internal bleeding should heal on its own. Bottom line was that he was extremely fortunate by a mere 1/8 of an inch.Dr. Trammell wants Tim to remain in the neck and back brace whenever he is in an upright position and encouraged him to remain active, he believes bones heal faster when the body is active, and suggested a workout that he can perform on his own. Tim has been released to return home to New York tomorrow (Thursday) and will be re-evaluated by Dr. Trammell in three months. He also gave Tim a list of measurements he wanted to review from his belts, seat, etc., and made some safety equipment recommendations for when he eventually begins driving again.

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