Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here is a great shot of Jeff Strunk in his part-time office of the Joey Grammes modified! Thats an awesome helmet done by Brian Hirthler at 4 Star Lettering! Mr. Modified (Steve) visited the Gagliardo/Strunk compound in Reading tonite! He said he was talking with Jeff who was very nice and talkative! Jeff said they are going to run Hagerstown in 2 weeks with a Bicknell since the TEO's are not ready! Jeff also said he never runs full-throttle at Grandview!! He said you have to have an easy foot to go fast there! 18 out of 22 races this past season he never had it to the floor board! Pretty cool! Who would have known! Good questions & answers from Mr. Mod! 50 more days baby!!!
(Jim Young photo)

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