Sunday, April 26, 2009


What a beautiful night for racing it was! Sunny skies and a little warmer than expected, more like a early summer night with no sweatshirt or jacket was needed! Mr. Modified (Steve) was along for the night and Eric's friend Dan or Danimal as he is known for his highly touted work ethic was also along. Missing was Fire Marshall Doug, who was mountain bound for the weekend! I thought he may have had some action when Bill Gensler ended up on his roof on the backstretch! Everyone was sporting their Cowpatty wear proudly! Scott Hoffmaster got his CPN shirt last nite! Thanks Scott! Another 25+ shirts go on order tomorrow! You will even see Bob Miller's wife Donna sporting a CPN shirt in the near future!
Talked to CVD while he was headed into the track and questioned where his CPN sticker was?? While he seemed unsure said he will take care of that sticker for next week...we shall see? Jeff Strunk who also has a sticker along with Danny Erb were nowhere to be seen?? Maybe next week? That "15" sure looks good with sporting the CPN! THANKS!
Kelsey and Brandon were also along last night and truely gaining great interests in the sport! Gotta love it! Brandon (Eric's son) is a Duane Howard fan, while Kelsey (my daughter) is a die-hard Jason Hamilton fan! Kelsey was so upset at Jason's heart breaking finish last nite she actually shed a few tears that he was going to pack up and leave before we saw him pitside! Jason came through in a HUGE way, making a point to talk to Kelsey and you should have seen her face...PRICELESS! I wish I had the video camera rolling for that one! She is still talking about it today! She kept saying, "Jason will make a good Dad"! Those Beer City shirts are sweet looking!
The Rogers kept after the racing surface all night long with water and grading that created an awesome race track come feature time! Little dusty, but you are at a dirt track!! Billy Pauch Jr looked strong last night and who knows, may have won the feature till he had fuel pump problems come lap 25 of the feature! Talked to Billy in the pits after the race. What a great kid, always smiling and upbeat. He will get a win this year! CVD inherited the lead on lap 25 and looked stout all nite to take home the big money with some heat from Duane Howard who finished 2nd!! Craig also won his heat race convincingly! Shawn Reimert and Jason Hamilton also looked real strong with both drivers prepared to take home top 5's till they hooked together and spun in the waning moments of the feature. Tough break for those guys!
Tom Umbenhauer put together an excellent 3rd place finish! Kevin Hirthler looked very good again finishing 4th while Jeff Strunk rounded out the top 5. Mike Gular used his provisional and put it to good use bringing the Terry Fastnacht 53 home to a 6th place finish! Gular has been remarkable this year! Brian Shuey was once again the class of the late model field winning for the 2nd time this season! Way to go Brian!
All and all a good night at "THE HILL". Start to finish was about a 3 hour show that ended at 10:03! Impressive! Plenty of time for the little kids and us BIG kids to head pitside and chat with some of our favorites! Till next week...NEW start time...7:30! Keep on Cowpattying!

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