Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wow, is all I can say! 2 modified consi's, 2 features, then a full show in roughly 4 hours! That is amazing! What an excellent job Grandview did last night getting in all of that racing. Early on the track was in pretty rough shape. Very dry with major ruts that developed quickly. The Rogers took care of business with some grooming excellence. Grading and plenty of watering had the surface looking good real quick! Meme Desantis was the class of the field in the make-up feature holding off a hard charging Duane Howard who finished in the runner-up spot. Billy Pauch Jr ran an excellent race to finish 3rd. Billy is really getting settled in at Grandview and starting to turn some heads! Doug Manmiller came from 28th to finish 4th, and Keith Brightbill rounded out the top 5. There was alot of banging and wrecking in that 1st feature which took some time to get going. They even needed to start them single file very early in the race to avoid problems.
The late model feature had 1st time winner Wayne Pfeil taking the checkered with Randy Stoudt in hot pusuit. Always love to see a 1st time winner! It was Wayne's time, he earned that one! Stoudt was 2nd with Brian Shuey 3rd, John Geisler 4th and Ron Kline 5th. Rookie Andy Ressler was very impressive leading many early laps before being spun out! The leftover feature had Mike Kellner just obliterate the field! Mike had a half-lap advantage winning easily. Kyle Merkel was 2nd, Wayne Pfeil 3rd, Bill Henning 4th and Danny Syder rounded out the top 5.
The final modified feature had Ryan Godown taking his 1st win of the season. Ryan was overdue for some good luck and finally was granted his wish. Ryan was great in victory lane performing the roof dance. Ryan said that he will now start to play the rubbin' game with anyone who wants too! Anything it takes to get to the front! Join the crowd Ryan, you are not the only one!! Finishing 2nd was Don Norris who also had a terrific night came home 2nd. Meme Desantis was the star of the evening coming home 3rd followed by a nice run by Jason Hamilton in the Beer City #15. Duane Howard finished off the top 5 who also had a stellar night padding his point lead.
Had a nice chat with the Massey's while waiting in the ticket line. Good people! We had the kids along last night, Kelsey & Brandon who stayed the entire night! Good buddy Matt Ritter also was up in the CPN area taking in some good racin'. Wanted to thank Captain Ron for hooking up Kelsey on their trip to the souvenier stand. Also wanted thank Ron for not trying that Triple Lindy off the top of the bleachers as SpiderDan suggested! I think he may need a net for that one! Captain Ron had some friends up with us last nite and managed to get Fire Marshall Doug to walk a few CPN t-shirts across the track to Ron for his buddies.
After all the racing action we wandered pitside. It was nice that the modifieds feature ran last so we were able to see them in the pit area. Kelsey and I talked with Ben Moyer & Billy Pauch Jr. Billy was nice enough to shake Kelsey's hand and she really liked that! I gave Ben & Billy a couple of CPN stickers for that #8 to display! Ben always has some interesting news and insight on the happenings at the speedway! Good talking with you Ben & Billy! I'll have your CPN shirts for you in a couple of weeks. Kelsey then pulled me down to her favorite driver Jason Hamilton. Jason is a great guy and had a few words for Kelsey, which made her night. Jason was also due for a good night after some early season struggles. Josh Bitner's buddy Drew made an awesome banner of Jason that they hang on the fence. Really cool. Drew offered to make one for Jason and one for Kelsey! Super nice Drew...thanks alot! Bert Jones of Beer City is doing the Billy Pauch driving school at Grandview today! Bert is a great guy, if have never met him, you really should! Hope ya did ok there Ricky Bobby! A real fun night! Till next week...keep on Cowpattying!

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