Friday, June 5, 2009


Tomorrow night is Don Marks Memorial night at Grandview Speedway! The night is being run in memory of Don Marks who was the long time track photographer who passed away in March, 2008. His contributions to Grandview Speedway, to the sport and to the racers were numerous. He was considered one of the very best photographers in the motorsports business.

There is a full night of racing on tap with an additional 20 lap make up late model feature as a result of the May 16th rainout. Adding a lot of interest to the racers on this night will be cash awards for the winners of each qualifying event plus lap money for the lap leaders in the modified feature and one 20-lap late model feature. In addition there are a couple of special cash awards plus beautiful statues for the feature winners courtesy of the Cheers Tavern. More than $2,000 in extra cash awards has been posted by a variety of different sponsors. (Bob Yurko photo)

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