Monday, April 23, 2012

JOHN WILLMAN NEWS! (Brent Smith photo)

John Willman changes plans for 2012 racing season
As of last week, the Ultimate Underdog, John Willman was not planning on racing a dirt modified in weekly Friday evening competition at Big Diamond Raceway but, as we know plans can change. Thanks to Neil Huber, Willman will be racing a Huber Motorsports owned 358-modified at the 3/8 of a mile clay oval located in Minersville Pa.
“As of 2 days ago I was not going to race at Big Diamond this year because I don’t have a motor for my second car to run there,” stated Willman. “Neil called me on the phone a few days ago to see if I would consider driving his car at Big Diamond, I’m thankful for the opportunity he and his team have given me because I really enjoy racing at Big D.”
Willman’s own race cars are Bicknell chassis cars as are the Huber Motorsports cars. In addition, both teams utilize Penske racing shocks to help the handling on there race cars. The Huber No.78 car is a former Joey Grammes owned Bicknell frame. “The similarity in equipment should help me to get comfortable and fast in there car,” commented Willman while working away on his own race car in his Birdsboro Pa. shop, “I can easily go up to Neil’s garage, located in Strausstown Pa., and help out with the car. The Huber Motorsports car is powered by a Teasdale engine with sponsorship help from Wellers Chimney Sweeps, Abrams Automotive, FK Rod ends, Race Tec Pistons and Huber Fabrication.
Neil Huber has been involved in racing for 20-plus years. He learned the sport while working on the Bowman #78 cars that had drivers like Scott Haus, Steve Bottcher and Toby & Ronnie the Tobias Brothers putting the car into victory lane. “I’ve always liked John as a person and I think with his driving and us working together, pooling our resources together we can run in the top 10 at Big Diamond.” “I have a feeling we’re going to do real well,” smiled the car owner. In addition, Huber will continue to drive a second car on occasion. “I have another car that I can still take out and race if I want to but we’ll concentrate on getting John’s car going fast.”
Willman has had success at Big Diamond in the past finishing as high as third in points at the track in 2010. Willman drove his #74w to victory lane at Big D on June 10 2011.
Willman will be racing his own #74W Bicknell chassis, Lombardo powered 358- modified racecar on Saturday evenings at Grandview Speedway located in Bechtelsville Pa. Willman has finishes of 7th and 18th place to start the season at the 1/3 mile clay oval. “I’m ok at Gview so far this season but I know I can get going better,” said John, “it’s been a slick track there this year with the addition of the sportsman cars to the weekly card it’s changed things a little.”

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