Friday, June 21, 2013


Austin suffers from bad luck and a broken wrist in Rd.3 of the Summer Shootout and will only have to miss 1 week of Summer Shootout action.

   Tuesday night 6/18/13 was the 3rd round of the 2013 Summer Shootout series at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Austin was riding the momentum of his 3rd and 2nd place finishes the week before.Under rainy conditions and on a wet track Austin would draw an early qualifying spot and would end up qualifying in the 13th position out of 27 cars as result of the track drying out and getting faster for cars that got to go later in the session.Austin was still very happy with his racecar and knew he was going to race well.On the first lap of the race Austin unfortunately got caught up in a 6 car pile up in turn 3.Austin would have to pit to try to repair the damage and the Cray Motorsports crew would go to work on the #7 car changing the front bumper. The wreck also damaged the left front tie rod, upper radius rod and steering arm but the crew could not make these repairs and keep Austin on the lead lap.Austin would come out of the pits in the 24th position as the field went back to green flag racing.Austin would battle his way through the field with a very ill handling car due to the damage received from the lap 1 wreck.Austin would be running in the 12th position when on lap 17 of the main event the motor in the Cray Motorsports car would blow up coming out of the 4th turn and catch on fire and as result of the oil getting on Austin's tires, he would spin and then be hit head on by another car at full speed.Austin climbed out of the car quickly and as result of the accident he broke his Left wrist from being hit head on at full speed.Austin said after the race-'' It was a real shame getting caught up in that big wreck on the first lap.I had no where to go and the car wasn't right after it but I think we could have still pulled of a top 10 finish until the engine blew up.I didn't get burned or anything but my wrist is hurting.I will get that checked out, I also have to thank Simpson Race Products and Sparco USA for the best fire proof racing equipment in the business.'' As result of the injury to Austin's left wrist he will have to wear a cast on his left arm for 4-6 weeks. Due to series rules Austin will have to miss a few L-Mod races until his cast is off and the wrist heals but under advice from Austin's orthopedic doctor he will only have to miss 1 week this weeks Rd.4 of the Summer Shootout in the #7 Cray Motorsports legend and he will be back behind the wheel of the #7 car with his cast still on for week 5 of the Summer Shootout on Tuesday night July 2nd! As always Austin needs to thank Cray Motorsports, Progenex, The SpiderTech Tape ,FK Rod Ends,Swift Springs, RX Jump Ropes,  Grip4orce, Soak Fitness,The Brake Man, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions,R&B Transport Refinishing, Motor Headz, Cowpatty Nation and Piranha Ultra Sonic Cleaning.For daily updates on Austin please Follow Austin on Twitter and Instagram at @alangenstein7 and check his website at

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