Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Austin Langenstein and the #7 team were all ready to go back racing on Tuesday night 7-16 after having to miss three races due to a broken wrist under advice of his doctor's.Then on Sunday Morning 7-14-13 when Austin and his father Charlie went to the Cray Motorsports head quarters to put the finishing touches on the #7 ride and to load the hauler, for the upcoming Rd.7 Summer Shootout race Tuesday night and open practice on Monday night they discovered that the unthinkable had happened the team's trailer had been struck by lightening and caught fire after severe storms over Saturday night destroying everything inside it and the trailer itself. Item's inside the trailer included 3 fully loaded tool boxes with tools, jacks,all of Austin's nomex race equipment, Hans device,radio's,helmet visor's, Bolts, Nuts, and a brand new set of tires and wheels to name a few of the key item's that were burned up.Austin said after the fire- ''Man the bad luck continues, I was all ready to go racing again this week and then this happened, I am thankful no one was hurt and that my race car was in the shop. We are also lucky the flames didn't spread to the race shop which the trailer was parked right next to.'' Austin and the team will have to miss this week's racing action due to losing 90% of the teams key equipment, spare parts and trailer, but they have plans to borrow and buy new item's to be back on track next week 7-23-13.Austin also said ''I can't thank all my fans, sponsors, and supporters enough for standing behind me through this rough patch and the messages but we will be back stronger than ever,This team dosen't give up!Thanks again to all my sponsors- Cray Motorsports, Progenex, The SpiderTech Tape ,FK Rod Ends,Swift Springs, RX Jump Ropes,  Grip4orce,Smith Optics, Soak Fitness,The Brake Man, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions,R&B Transport Refinishing, Motorsports Tech,Motor Headz, Cowpatty Nation and Piranha Ultra Sonic Cleaning.For daily updates please Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @alangenstein7 and check my website at

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