Monday, October 14, 2013


BLUE BELL, PA October 13, 2013 . . . “I will miss it, the competition, the friends, the whole aspect of the sport,” said Chad Sinon as he announced that he closing his BPG Racing team operations after many successful years. “We had a great run with a lot of fantastic people involved.”
            Much of the BPG Racing team equipment has been sold and there are people looking at the rest. Everything is for sale.
            “We, my wife (Lauren) and I, have talked about getting out for the last couple of years,” said the 47-year-old Blue Bell, PA businessman. “It comes down to time available and wanting to do other things. We are very much involved with our son’s sailboat racing, and we always want to spend time with the kids. That is very important to us.”
            “The reason we stayed in the sport the last couple of years was because of the great relationship we had with our driver Duane Howard, crew chief Alan Finch and all the great team members. They are all a wonderful group of people to have worked with.”
            Sinon and Howard had a great season at NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway winning nine 358 Modified feature races including the Forrest Rogers Memorial presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings. They also picked up more than $10,000 for winning the American Racer Cup championship.
            Over the years Sinon and his BPG Racing teams, with some very talented drivers, have been able to win titles at Grandview Speedway, Big Diamond Speedway, Bridgeport Speedway, DIRT Southeast Series Tour title, four BPG Racing Freedom 76 races, three Forrest Rogers Memorials, and the list goes on.
            “I have had some of the very best drivers as part of our team and they became like family members,” said Sinon. “Our relationships with Duane seemed to go on forever. It was such a successful combination. Sure we are going to miss it but it is time to devote more time to our family.”
            Sinon and his BPG (Brandon Products Group), headquartered in North Wales, PA, has been a huge supporter of the sport sponsoring many events and teams over the years. He had a great devotion to the sport for more than a dozen years having gotten started at the Penn Can Speedway with his late father.
            As much as Sinon will miss the sport, the sport will certainly miss Sinon and BPG Racing.

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