Wednesday, July 8, 2015


According to New York State Fair Director Troy Waffner, “The grandstand IS coming down after this year’s fair.” This statement came while doing a television interview with Syracuse’s WSYR, the area’s local ABC affiliate. After a long campaign by fans,drivers, promoters and others in the racing community to ‘#SaveTheMoodyMile’, things are looking grim.
The racing community gathered in force to voice their opinion during a public hearing held last March. A strong opinion that showed over $10 million per year of economic impact in the local area, generational ties to the facility and grounds and uniqueness that separates our New York State Fairgrounds from any other fair in the country.
It’s also worth noting that for the past handful of years, the “Great” New York State Fair has been the No. 1 fair in the entire country. Why? Because the very argument made by fair developers of creating a unique place for people to come and experience what New York offers, was indeed already in place with the one mile oval and entertainment at the traditional grandstand site.
On a personal note, I can say that this year’s Super DIRT Week will be truly special for me. I hope everyone who attends takes the time to reflect on the history created within those walls and on that ridiculously hard clay. Legends were made and normal men became heroes. I urge every fan, driver or just general fans of any type of motorsports to come experience what I believe to be the end of an important era in Northeast Modified history.

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It isn't dead yet, I promise.