Saturday, September 2, 2017


The Steel and Metal Service Center modified non-winner feature was won by Ryan Krachun who receives the guaranteed redraw spot for the Coalcracker 72 on Sunday, September 3, 2017. He was followed by Bobby Gunther Walsh and Jim Bobbitt. Did not finish was Heath Metzger.

The Sportsman Leindecker Race Engines Coalcracker 40 was won by Craig Whitmoyer, Mike Lisowski, Matt Stangle, Brian Papiez, Ray Woodall Jr., Wayne Witmer, Louden Reimert, Ken Eckert Jr., Billy Moyer Jr., Ryan Higgs, Kevin Brady, and John McGovern. Did not finish were Dave Dissinger, Shawn Light, Mike Burrows, Mike Schneck, Matt Clay, Doug Hendricks, Ed Mrochko, TJ Fitzpatrick, Glenn Rowan, Daryl Dissinger and Nathan Mohr.

The sportsman heats were won by Mike Liswoski, Brian Papiez and Craig Whitmoyer. The consolation was won by Ed Mrochko. Did not qualify were Gary Grim, BJ Joly and Chris Brennan.
The sportsman challenge race overall race was won by Doug Hendricks over Matt Stangle. Stangle won two races and Ray Woodall Sr. won four races.

The Savage 61 Roadrunner feature was won by Kody Sites, Shawn Mulhall, Terry Kramer, Mike Reichert, Jon Schlauch, Jim Kost, Shon Elk, Fred Everly, Matt Ney, Andrew Buchinski and Devin Trexler. Did not finish was Alex Ditzler.

The Jasen's Automotive Street Stock Summer Shootout 30 lap feature was won by Jasen Geesaman followed by Eric Tripp, Chris Heller, Chris Derr, Joey Brennan, Steve Dove, Jeff Haag, Robin Wagner and Dean Hine. Did not finish were Leroy Long, Justin Rhoads, Elvin Brennan III, Jesse Krasnitsky and Ryan Smith. Did not start was Bobby Kupp.
The street stock heats were won by Chris Heller and Eric Tripp.
The street stock cash dash was won by Chris Heller followed by Eric Tripp, Elvin Brennan III and Joey Brennan.

The Vintage race was won by Doug Stepan Chuck, Ron Myers, Todd Lapp, Andy Cassell, Bob Hall, Rick Mutter, Rich Decker, Tom Orth, and Boomer Brush. Did not start was Chris Reid.

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