Saturday, May 12, 2018


Topless 35 Modified Race
The Matteras Electrical Modified division 35 lap feature was won by Craig VonDohren followed by Ryan Godown, Duane Howard, Jeff Strunk, Jared Umbenhauer, Ryan Watt, Dale Hartz, Jimmy Reppert, John Willman and Frank Porreca. Did not finish were Jim Bobbitt, Frank Yankowski, Billy Pauch Jr., Ryan Krachunm Ray Swinehart, Meme DeSantis, Grant Hilfiger, Cliff Quinn, Kevin Beach, Brett Kressley, Mike Lisowski, Kris Graver, Heath Metzger and Shawn Fitzpatrick. Did not qualify were Scott Albert, Billy Lasko, Andy Burkhart and Ryan Kunkle.
The modified heats were won by Billy Pauch Jr., Frank Yankowski and Ryan Godown. The consolation was won by Grant Hilfiger.

The U.S.S. Achey sportsman division was won by Nate Klinger followed by Doug Hendricks, Craig Whitmoyer, Alex Yankowski, Daryl Dissinger, Dave Dissinger, Ray Woodall Sr., Wayne Witmer, Glenn Rowan, Michael Burrows, Kevin Brady, Nate Mohr, Ed Schneck, Dylan Smith, Ed Mrochko, Shawn Light and TJ Fitzpatrick. Did not finish were Kyle Reber, Ken Eckert Jr., Dean Bachman, Cale Ross, Matt Clay and Harry Landis. Did not qualify were Dakota Kohler, Blake Reber and Chis Brennan.
The sportsman division heats were won by Daryl Dissinger, Kevin Brady and Doug Hendricks. The consolation was canceled when only 5 cars were able to start.

The Savage 61 Road Runners were won by Mike Reichert followed by Jim Kost, Chris Holland, Shawn Mulhall, Fred Everly, Matt Ney and Seth Reichert. Did not finish were Kris Ney, Jon Schlauch, and Cory Lindenmuth. Did not start were Terry Kramer and Ray Garcia. Kerry Fritz originally finished 2nd in the feature but was disqualified for the evening with illegal engine components.
The road runner heats were won by Mike Reichert and Jim Kost.

The No Sweat Service Group Street Stock Feature was won by Jasen Geesaman followed by Elvin Brennan III, Joey Brennan, Robin Wagner, Jesse Krasnitsky, Chris Derr and Mike Radocha. Did not finish were Dean Hine, Chris Heller, Kyle Saylor and Kody Sites.
Heats were won by Elvin Brennan III and Jasen Geesaman.

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