Saturday, May 19, 2018


The USAC East Coast Wingless Sprints feature was won by Ryan Godown followed by Eddie Strada, Chandler Leiby, Joey Biasi, Steven Drevicki, Ryan Quakenbush, Carmen Perigo, Alex Bright and Bill Brian Jr. Did not finish were Jonathan Swanson, Tim Buckwalter, Bill Unglert, Trevor Kobylarz, Ryan Greth, Kyle Lick and Larry McVay.
Heat races were won by Ryan Greth and Chandler Leiby.

The USAC East Coast Midgets were won by Alex Bright followed by Brett Arndt, Steve Buckwalter, Adam Pierson, Ryan Greth, Shawn Jackson, Andrew Layser, Johnny Smith, Mike Myers, and Brett Conkling. Did not finish were Tim Buckwalter, John Anderika and Kenny Miller.
The Midget heats were won by Steve Buckwalter and Tim Buckwalter.

The Savage 61 Road Runners were won by Kris Ney, Chris Holland, Jim Kost, Mike Reichert, Shawn Mulhall, Terry Kramer Jr., Jon Schlauch, Fred Everly and Matt Ney. Did not finish were Cory Lindenmuth, Kerry Fritz and Shon Elk.
The Road Runner heats were won by Mike Reichert and Chris Holland.

The No Sweat Service Group Street Stocks were won by Chris Heller followed by Elvin Brennan III, Dean Hine, Kody Sites, and Jesse Krasnitsky. Did not finish were Kyle Saylor, Mike Radocha, Robin Wagner, and Joey Brennan.
The Street Stock heats were won by Elvin Brennan III and Chris Heller.

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