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Bechtelsville PA – On a very busy Sunday afternoon at Grandview Speedway, three past Outlaw Enduro Series champions stood triumphantly in the winner’s circle. Travis Guyer of Ivyland endured a 75-lap Big Car race to pick up his first win of the season. Five-time champ Phil Levering of Parkerford throttled to his 20th career triumph in the 75-lap Big Car Enduro. John Bilofsky of Allentown continued his undefeated streak, which dates back to 2018, by leading every circuit of the 50-lap Junkyard Race.

The sunny and humid Sunday afternoon offered plenty of racing for all points of interest. Andy Cassel of Boyertown won his first Vintage-Modified feature of the season while Dominique Deglas of Tylersport checked in for a victory in the 20-lap Vintage main event. Kris Ney of Gordon wired the field in the 20-lap Roadrunner feature. Austin Lahr of Dornsife won the 12-lap 4X4 Outlaw Truck Series race which was the first on the Grandview Speedway obstacle course. Chris Rose of Gilbertsville won the Enduro Mechanics Race.

A good field of 26-cars took the green flag for the start of Sunday’s Big Car Enduro with pole sitter Chris Angstadt taking the early lead. Mike Fiskaldo powerfully took the top spot on lap 8 until his machine developed mechanical issues and retired from the event. Defending champion Tim Pauch would assume the top spot after starting from 21st and looked well on his way to victory until his machine also headed pit side.

This placed Guyer in front after he quietly raced within the front five during the entire duration of the 75-lap race. Guyer, the 2017 champion, held on to take his first win of the year. New Jersey’s Lee Allen finished second ahead of tenth place starter Mike Reichert, defending champion Pauch and ninth starter Chris Reichert.

In the 75-lap Small Car Enduro, Levering drew the outside pole starting spot and immediately occupied the top spot. Randy Getz, who started 17th, worked ahead of Levering on lap 16 and executed a dominant performance during most of the remaining laps. With just a few circuits remaining, Getz began to lose power and Levering reeled in the race leader.

With less than three laps to go Levering worked back into the lead and pulled away from the field. It was Levering’s first win of the year. Rob Storms, in only his second ever Grandview appearance, powered from an original starting spot of 14th to second. Getz nursed his slowing machine to a third. Brian Moyer continued his impressive season with a fourth and James Yons nailed down a third straight top five finish of fifth.

Bilofsky drew the pole starting spot in the Junkyard race but had several challenges during the event’s duration. Darrel Herman and Brian Moyer applied the pressure early. Moyer worked into second on lap 14 and battled with the race leader Bilofsky during the half-way point of the race. Moyer remained second until a tire dislodged from his car and retired from the race on lap 41.

Bilofsky held on to win his seventh straight race which dates back into last season. John Rose drove a freshly built car to the runner-up spot while Cody Young finished third in his season debut. Cody Anderson drove from last (12th) to fourth and Albert Molina shook off some early season hard luck to grab fifth.

The Dove’s Plastics Blast from the Past Vintage Modified features created plenty of highly contested racing action as both divisions competed in two twenty lap features. Andy Cassel registered his first win of the year after dominating last season by winning the championship. Dominique Deglas captured his first win of the season in his Gerald Chamberlain replica-76.

The Savage 61 Roadrunners made their first Grandview appearance of the season and competed in a 20-lap feature. Kris Ney won his heat race earlier and went on to wire the field in the main event after starting from the pole. Shon Elk finished second with Matt Ney third.

Austin Lahr made a late race charge in his heat to take the victory and then went on to dominate the 12-lap 4X4 Outlaw Truck Series feature. The new obstacle course seemed very popular with the fans in attendance.

Chris Rose charged from tenth to first and won the 20-lap Mechanics race to close out the afternoon’s card.


BIG CAR ENDURO (75-LAPS): 1) 25-Travis Guyer, 2) 98B-Lee Allen, 3) 63-Mike Reichert, 4) 5-Tim Pauch, 5) 1c-Chris Reichert, 6) 3-Jamie Naftzinger, 7) 195-Aaron Frazier, 8) 95-Noah Frazier, 9) 88-Dylan Schantz, 10) 14-Bob Wink, 11) 11-Sean Wall, 12) 7x-Scott Riggleman, 13) 70-Chuck Detweiler, 14) 95-Scott Lord, 15) 19B-Joe Beiderman, 16) 16-Walt Lemmon, 17) 64-Chris Angstadt, 18) 528-Jonathan Brown, 19) 77-Jason Duvall, 20) 185-Dirk Rimrot, 21) 32-Joe Kunkel, 22) 707-Chuck Keely, 23)  36-Justen Steigerwalt, 24) 41-Nancey Riggleman, 25) 7-Mike Fiskaldo, 26) 828-Gary Landis.

SMALL CAR ENDURO (75-LAPS): 1) 39-Phil Levering, 2) 99x-Rob Storms, 3) z12-Randy Getz Jr., 4) 11-Brian Moyer, 5) 53-James Yons, 6) 24-Eric Spengler, 7) 79-Kelly Frantz, 8) 93-Cody Anderson, 9) 33-Tim Jones, 10) 41-Jill Kohl, 11) 185-Matt Peck, 12) 69-Justin Dunn, 13) 98-Chris Rose, 14) 277-John Rose, 15) 02-Brendan Hires, 16) 69c-Scott Dunn, 17) 54-Tyler Schmeltzle, 18) L39-Linsey Rummel, 19) 73-Mike Bentley, 20) 11x-Rob Pyle

JUNKYARD ENDURO (50-LAPS): 1) 17-John Bilofsky, 2) 1-John Rose, 3) 29-Cody Young, 4) 002-Cody Anderson, 5) 73-Albert Molina, 6) 11-Brian Moyer, 7) 69c-Jessica Dunn, 8) 7-Linsey Rummel, 9) 14-Jeffrey Gromis, 10) 341K-Darrel Herman, 11) 391-Tyler Bilofsky, 12) 11A-Austin Weller

SAVAGE 61 ROADRUNNER FEATURE (20-LAPS): 1) 54-Kris Ney, 2) 10x-Shon Elk, 3) 5-Matt Ney, 4) 39-Fred Everly, 5) 7T8-Tonya Lance. DNS: 77-Andy Fayash III

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