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FRIDAY JULY 26 – 7PM – Big Car Enduro (75-laps), Small Car Enduro (75-laps), Junkyard Car Race (50-laps), Blast From the Past Vintage Cars (20-lap feature), Outlaw 4 X 4 Series Trucks (Heats and Feature)

FRIDAY AUGUST 30 – 7PM – Big Car Enduro (75-laps), Small Car Enduro (75-laps), JunkYard Car Race (50-laps), Blast From the Past Vintage Cars (20-lap Feature), Xcel 600 Modifieds (Heats and Feature)


Bechtelsville PA – Justen Steigerwalt of Barto powered to his first Big Car Enduro win in nearly two seasons while rookie competitor Rob Storms of Bowmansville captured his very first Small Car Enduro victory on a beautiful Sunday Afternoon at Grandview Speedway. In other Outlaw Enduro Series races John Rose of Gilbertsville snapped the undefeated streak of John Bilofsky to win the JunkYard Car contest while his brother Chris Rose of Gilbertsville steered the same car to victory lane in the Mechanics race.

In a little over one month’s time, the Outlaw Enduro Series will shift into their summer schedule with a pair of Friday night events at Grandview Speedway. The July 26th program will feature: Big Car Enduro (75-laps), Small Car Enduro (75-laps), Junkyard Car Race (50-laps), Blast From the Past Vintage Car 20-lap feature and Outlaw 4X4 Series Trucks (Heats and Feature). On Friday August 30 the same endurance distance laps will be held along with a special appearance by the Xcel 600 Modifieds and a 20-lap Blast From the Past Series Vintage feature. Both events will start at 7PM and adult general admission to the stands is just $10. Children under the age of 12 will be free.

The season will continue with a race on Saturday September 28th with a 6PM starting time. It will be on this night when the Mechanics Races return to the series. Also, a Ladies Race is being planned on Sept 28th if positive feedback is received. Those that wish to compete in the Ladies Race please let the Outlaw Enduro Series know so that plans can be arranged for a race at that time.

Steigerwalt is the 2016 Big Car Enduro Champion. He has taken over the controls of the former Carl Ruppert driven #36. Ruppert, a former 13-time feature winner in the track’s old Late Model class was on hand Sunday to help prepare the car for racing. The experience of both competitors paid off and Steigerwalt drove to the 75-lap victory and celebrated his daughter’s 2nd  birthday in the winner’s circle.

New Jersey’s Lee Allen moved into the runner-up spot at the event’s halfway juncture and remained there at the finish. Allen actually was closing on the leader during the event’s final moments. Seven-time champion Tim Pauch of Stockton NJ rallied from an earlier crash to take a hard earned third. Returning after a race off, Brandon Guyer (Ivyland) raced to a fourth place result. Second generation competitor Jamie Naftzinger finished a season’s best of fifth.

Rob Storms has been racing at several different tracks this year and is quickly raising plenty of eyebrows with his talents. He finished second in the previous race and drove to a convincing win in this Sunday’s 75-lap event. Rob was joined by a ton of faithful supporters in victory lane and celebrated the win in style.

Brian Moyer of Reading tried to chase down the leader but ended up second in his self-owned #11 machine. Chris Rose held off his brother John Rose as the pair raced closely for many laps to finish third and fourth respectively. Despite some mechanical issues, James Yons (Macungie) still salvaged his fourth top five finish in four races.

In the 50-lap Junkyard race, John Bilofsky took the lead in the second half of the event. He was involved in a tangle and called on spinning out a car which resulted in a one lap penalty. John Rose was racing closely to the front running Bilofsky and inherited the lead which he never relinquished. The #1 car only has a few races on it and John Rose steered to his first win of the season over, Bilofsky, Phil Levering, Austin Weller and Albert Molina..

In the 20-lap Mechanics race, C. Rose put on a great show with Doug Guyer as the raced closely throughout most of the duration with C. Rose getting the win over D. Guyer, Dan Beckett, Les Blake and Kyle Horning.

In the Dove Plastics Inc. Blast From the Past Vintage Stock Cars, Brock Jacobus picked up his first career win in a car he just purchased for the first time out. Brett Peters won his third Vintage Modified feature in three starts.

In the Outlaw 4 X 4 Truck main event, Brent Stanley powered his #669 to the checkers.

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BIG CAR ENDURO (75-LAPS): 1) 36-Justen Steigerwalt, 2) 98B-Lee Allen, 3) 5-Tim Pauch, 4) 77-Brandon Guyer, 5) 3-Jamie Naftzinger, 6) 99-Tom Wolf, 7) 77R-Jason Duvall, 8) 32-Joe Kunkel, 9) 812-Gary Bronne, 10) 528-Jonathan Bronne, 11) 25T-Travis Guyer, 12) 19B-Joe Biederman, 13) 7x-Scott Riggleman, 14) 41-Nancy Riggleman, 15) 88-Shawn Naftzinger, 16) 88x-Dylan Schantz, 17) 195-Aaron Frazier, 18) 11-Sean Wall, 19) 25-Pat Hires, 20) 98W-Logan Wentzel, 21) 707-Chuck Keeley, 22) 27-Josh Ferraiolo, 23) 7-Mike Fiskaldo, 24) 185-Dirk Rimrott, 25) 14-Bob Wink, 26) 95-Scott Lord.

SMALL CAR ENDURO (75-LAPS): 1) 99x-Rob Storms, 2) 11-Brian Moyer, 3) 98-Chris Rose, 4) 277- John Rose, 5) 53-James Yons, 6) 79-Kelly Frantz, 7) L39-Linsey Rummel, 8) 73-Michael Bentley, 9) 54-Tyler Schmeltzle, 10) 93-Cody Anderson, 11) 185-Matt Peck, 12) X50-Derek Walsh, 13) 44-Brendon Hires, 14) 39-Phil Levering, 15) 41-Jill Kohl, 16) 24-Eric Spengler, 17) 33-Tim Jones.

JUNKYARD CAR RACE (50-LAPS): 1) 1-John Rose, 2) 17-John Bilofsky, 3) 7-Phil Levering, 4) 11A-Austin Weller, 5) 73-Albert Molina, 6) 002-Cody Anderson, 7) 341x-Darrel Herman, 8) 34-Brian Miller, 9) 88-Matt Peck, 10) 391-Tyler Bilofsky, 11) 30-Nicole Garey. DQ: 11-Brian Moyer (Tire)
MECHANICS RACE (20-LAPS): 1) 1) 1-Chris Rose, 2) 77-Doug Guyer, 3) 7x-Dan Beckett, 4) 5-Les Blake, 5) 88-Kyle Horning, 6) 39-Tom Kelly.

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