Sunday, September 1, 2019


Bechtelsville, PA - Friday August 30 2019 - Brandon Guyer captured his second straight Big Car Enduro win of the season this past Friday evening at Grandview Speedway while Brian Moyer raced to his first Small Car triumph of  the year and John Bilofsky continued his winning ways in the Junkyard class.

The Outlaw Enduro Series presented their 6th event of 2019 on the 1/3 mile oval of Grandview Speedway under beautiful skies and comfortable evening temperatures. Other race winners included: Wes Cassel (Vintage B), Andy Cassel (Vintage A) and John Willman (Xcel 600 Modified).

Guyer's quest for victory began early as he quickly made his way to the front from his 6th place starting spot. The Ivyland based racer won the race on his own lap and was followed by former seven-time champion Tim Pauch. Guyer became the first repeat winner of the season and held off Pauch for the second  race in a row.

Moyer of Reading has been close to reaching victory cricle in two different classes this year. In race #6, Moyer was clearly the class of the field and drove to his third career win in the Small Car Enduro. Brenden Hires nailed down a career best of second at the finish.

Bilofsky of Allentown dominated the JunkYard Race and won his fifth of the season. It was Bilofsky's 11th career win at the speedway. Jimmy Neiman started last and rallied to an impressive runner-up finish.

The father/son combination of Wes and Andy Cassel each scored their third win of the season in both features for the Blast From the Past Vintage Stock cars presented by Dove Plastics.

Willman found some success on the outside groove during the closing moments of the 20-lap 600 Modified feature and took the lead in the closing stages. Willman, driving the Chris James 13, held on for the exciting race win.

The Outlaw Enduro Series returns to Grandview Speedway on Satudary Sept 28th with a full card of Big Cars, Small Cars, JunkYard, Vintage Cars and a Mechanics Race. Grandstands open at 6PM and racing begins at 7PM. At the season finale on Sunday Oct 20, a special season closing Demolition Derby will be held along with the regular classes.

BIG CAR ENDURO (65-LAPS): 1) 77-Brandon Guyer, 2) 5-Tim Pauch, 3) 23-Noah Frazier, 4) 36-Justen Steigerwalt, 5) 88-Dylan Schantz, 6) 195-Aaron Frazier, 7) Scott Lord, 8) 14-Bob Wink, 9) 32-Joe Kunkel, 10) 3-Jamie Naftzinger, 11) 7-Mike Fiskaldo, 12) 19B-Joe Biederman, 13) 25T-Travis Guyer, 14) 185-Dirk Rimrott, 15) 707-Chuck Keeley, 16) 70-Chuck Detweiler. DNS: 5150-Don Hartman.

SMALL CAR ENDURO (65-LAPS): 1) 11-Brian Moyer, 2) Brenden Hires, 3) 111N-Jimmy Neiman, 4) 98-Chris Rose, 5) 277-John Rose, 6) 53-James Yons, 7) 24-Eric Spengler, 8) 55-John Stierly, 9) 39-Phil Lervering, 10) 73-Mike Bentley, 11)  87-Edwin Figueroa, 12) 33-Tim Jones, 13) 185-Matt Peck, 14) 024-Daniel Fratesi, 15) 111-Tyler Lucas, 16) L39-Linsey Rummel, 17) 93-Cody Anderson, 18) 99x-Rob Storms, 19) Z13-Vinnie Wenrich, 20) 79-Kelly Frantz, 21) 54-Tyler Schmeltzle

JunkYard Enduro (50-LAPS): 1) 17-John Bilofsky, 2) 111N-Jimmy Neiman, 3) 11-Brian Moyer, 4) 1-John Rose, 5)73-Albert Molina, 6) 002-Cody Anderson, 7) 54-Jeff Sheetz, 8) 11A-Austin Weller, 9) 22-Fred Krajic, 10) X-Ray Cinqmars, 11) 79) Kelly Frantz, 12) 391-Tyler Bilofsky, 13) 65-Chris Rose

XCEL 600 MODIFIED FEATURE (20-LAPS): 1) 13-John Willman, 2) 88-Eric Whitby, 3) 5-Jeromy Guistwite, 4) 98-Matt Warner, 5) 18J-Jeff Sechrist, 6) 20-Cory Sechrist, 7) 127-Korey Inglin, 8) 5s-Geoffrey Sutton, 9) 71-Travis Fichter, 10) 94-Hunter Diehl, 11) 76-Matt Bruns, 12) 4-Ryan Stoner, 13) 3-Olivia Schmeltzler, 14) 2B-Keith Inglin, 15) 11-Brandon Graner, 16) 26-Grant Schibilia, 17) 74-Brianna James, 18) 93-Ray Gradwell, 19) 44-John Singley, 20) 32-Andy Ressler, 21) 62-Shawna Schibilia. DNS: Nolan Smith, Barry Lee, Tyler Smith, Bruce Mills.

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