Wednesday, October 2, 2019



Bechtelsville PA – This past Saturday evening, the Outlaw Enduro Series almost completed its entire program. That was until Mother Nature decided to make a flexible muscle during the closing stages of the card. The end result will find an extra being added to the season finale on October 20th at Grandview Speedway.

The 1/3 mile oval will set the stage for the final enduro points race on that Sunday afternoon beginning at 1PM.  The rained-out Big Car Enduro 50 will be the first order of business along with: regular Big Car Enduro (75-laps), Small Car Enduro (75-laps), JunkYard Car Race (50-laps) and a Mechanics Race (20-laps). The Blast from the Past Vintage Stock Cars, presented by Dove Plastics, will hold a pair of 20-lap features along with a season ending Small Car Demolition Derby.

Pit gates will open bright and early at 8:00AM while grandstand gates for the finale swing open at 12:00PM. Adult General Admission to the stands is just $10 while kids 12 and under are free. A trick or treat will be held for the kids on the track at intermission time. Prizes will be awarded.

Before rain arrived, Brandon Guyer of Ivyland picked up his third straight Big Car Enduro win of the season this past Saturday night after taking part in a tremendous 50-lap race. Brian Moyer of Reading and Tyler Lucas of Wiconisco split victories in the twin 50’s for the Small Car division. Moyer also won the 50-lap JunkYard race. Matt Warner of Pine Grove scored his first Grandview victory in the Xcel 600 Modified 20-lap feature while Mike Stofllet of Bethlehem and Dominique Deglas of Tylersport were Vintage Car feature event winning drivers.


BIG CAR ENDURO (50-LAPS): 1) 77-Brandon Guyer, 2) 36-Justen Steigerwalt, 3) 88-Dylan Schantz, 4) 5-Tim Pauch, 5) 1c-Chris Reichert, 6) 707-Chuck Keely, 7) 32-Joe Kunkel, 8) 7-Mike Fiskaldo, 9) 14-Bob Wink, 10) 27-Chris Graver, 11) 195-Aaron Frazier, 12) 95-Scott Lord, 13) 3H-Jamie Naftzinger, 14) 70-Chuck Detweiler, 15) 19B-Joe Biederman, 16) 74-Derek Jones, 17) 185-Dirk Rimrott, 18) 23-Noah Frazier, 19) 25-Travis Guyer, 20) 63-Mike Reichert, 21) 64-Chris Angstadt. DNS: 5150-Don Hartman.

SMALL CAR ENDURO #1 (50-LAPS): 1) 11-Brian Moyer, 2) 44-Brenden Hires, 3) 98-Chris Rose, 4) 111N-Jimmy Neiman, 5) 277-John Rose, 6) 11x-Rob Pyle, 7) 39-Phil Levering, 8) 024-Daniel Fratesi, 9) 53-James Yons, 10) 24-Eric Spangler, 11) 11) 87-Edwin Figueora, 12) 54-Tyler Schmeltzle, 13) 79-Kelly Frantz, 14) L39-Linsey Rummel, 15) 33-Tim Jones, 16) 185-Matt Peck, 17) 111-Tyler Lucas, 18) 99x-Rob Storms, 19) 73-Mike Bentley, 20) 341-Jeremy Krauss, 21) 93-Cody Anderson, 22) 55-John Stierly.

SMALL CAR ENDURO #2 (50-LAPS): 1) 111-Tyler Lucas, 2) 11x-Rob Pyle, 3) 11-Brian Moyer, 4) 98-Chris Rose, 5) 33-Tim Jones, 6) 39-Phil Levering, 7) 79-Kelly Frantz, 8) 44-Brenden Hires, 9) L39-Linsey Rummel, 10) 53-James Yons, 11) 024-Daniel Fratesi, 12) 87-Edwin Figueora, 13) 111N-Rob Storms, 14) 185-Matt Peck, 15) 277-John Rose, 16) 73-Mike Bentley, 17) 24-Eric Spengler.

JUNKYARD CAR RACE (50-LAPS): 1) 11-Brian Moyer, 2) 73-Albert Molina, 3) 98-Chris Rose, 4) 002-Cody Anderson, 5) 391-Tyler Bilofsky, 6) 18-Andrew Wolfe, 7) 7-Phil Levering, 8) 13-Adam Kratzer, 9) 54-Jeff Sheetz, 10) 17-John Bilofsky, 11) 111N-Jimmy Neiman, 12) 1-John Rose, 13) 88-Dave Ott, 14) X-Ray Cinqmars.

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