Thursday, October 14, 2021


BECHTELSVILLE, PA OCTOBER 14, 2021 . . . Eight years ago, I retired as the NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway announcer after 45 years in the booth.  The plan had been to retire from everything.  At that time, Bruce and Theresa Rogers asked me to stick around as their PR person until they could find someone else to step into that position.  Now, After 55 years of public relations, marketing and announcing work at NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway, at age 79, it seems it is time to retire.

 From the first day I walked through the front gate at Grandview, working for the Rogers family has been a wonderful experience. They helped me become better at what I do and I think I helped make Grandview Speedway become more successful.  My wife Marilyn and I became very close with Bruce and Theresa Rogers. We traveled together and had homes in the Sunshine State that we enjoyed. It was like family.

 Future plans, as many know, include writing a book about my 63 years of experiences in motorsports. It is more difficult than I thought it would be but the work goes on. I will continue to write columns for Area Auto Racing News, Lansdale, PA Reporter, Inside Track Motorsports News and PennSports.Live. I expect to  continue to do PR work for Len Sammons Motorsports Productions which include indoor auto racing events and the PPB Motorsports Trade and Race Car Show. When time and energy allows, I will take on consultation with those needing help with sponsorship and PR work.

 Thank goodness for a wonderful wife, Marilyn, who has been a driving and supportive force behind my efforts. One person in particular that has been very helpful with my Grandview work is Vicki Gehris. A huge thank you goes out to her. And I cannot forget to thank all of those great folks that I have worked with over those many years.  I surely would not have been able to continue on for so many years without their help and support.

 I wish the Rogers family and others involved with Grandview Speedway the very best. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it all. And thanks to those in the media who have been supportive of our efforts over the years.



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