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Bechtelsville PA – Sunday October 17 2021 – Former series champion, Brian Moyer of Reading captured a pair of Enduro victories this past Sunday Afternoon at the Grandview (PA) Speedway. Moyer won the 50-lap JunkYard Car race and the 50-lap Small Car Enduro. As part of the 2021 track season finale, Dylan Schantz of Red Hill won his third race of the season in the Big Car 75-lap event.


It was a busy afternoon of stock car racing at the 1/3 mile clay oval as other race winners included: Jeff Paulson of Honeybrook (Vintage Modified),  Joe Medaglia of Sinking Spring (Vintage Sportsman), Chris Holland of Pine Grove (Roadrunner), Eric Hollenbach of Fredericksburg (4-Cylinder Charger) and Travis Guyer of Warminster (Enduro Mechanics).


In the 75-lap Big Car main event, Rob Schultz placed the Longo Motorsports-45 at the head of the class for the event’s opening three laps. Gunnar Schultz steered the “Orange Crush”-71X past R. Schultz on lap four and set the pace until the race’s first of only two cautions took place. When the green flag unfurled on lap 18, Chuck Detweiler assumed command of the pack. Detweiler checked out from the field and set the race’s quickest lap on lap 19. Just a few moments later, however, Detweiler’s machine headed pitside on lap 23 with mechanical issues.


G Schultz asserted himself back into the lead and dominated for a considerable amount of time, While Gunnar showed the way, a tremendous battle took center stage from second through fifth. Schantz worked his way past R Schultz for second and quickly reeled in the race leader. Schantz executed the pass for victory over G Schultz on lap 54. Schantz pulled away and went on to win the event by six seconds. It was Schantz’s second win in a row.


G Schultz grabbed a Grandview career best of second while former Asphalt Modified competitor R Schultz finished third. Three-time race winner this season, Brandon Guyer, finished fourth and veteran enduro wheelman Joe Kunkel filled out the front finishing five.


In the 50-lap Small Car Enduro, second generation racer Tyler Schmeltzle started outside front row and assumed the early lead. Schantz, racing double duty, started fourth and wrestled the top spot away from Schmeltzle on lap three. Schmeltzle stopped on lap eight and retired from the race, bringing out the caution. Brian Moyer was up to the seventh spot at the time and would rapidly make his way through the top five during the next several laps.


Moyer, who originally started 14th,  passed Schantz for the lead on lap 25. Moyer went on to claim the victory by a dominant 6.562 seconds. Moyer, who won an enduro at the Trail-Way Speedway a few weeks prior, was followed across the line by: Schantz, who enjoyed a highly successful afternoon of competition, 17th place starter Rob Pyle, former winner Rob Storms from eighth and Austin Weller, after running within the top five during the event’s entire 50-laps.


At the start of Sunday’s racing, Moyer won the 50-lap JunkYard car Enduro which was his second straight victory in that class. Russell Hilbert finished a close second for his best finish of the year. Former racing pavement specialist Rob Longo nailed down a third. Brett Gilmore, who competed in the Grandview Modified division this season, finished fourth ahead of series regular Brian Miller.


The Roadrunners made their first visit to Grandview Speedway in several years and competed in a 15-lap feature. Joe Bassinisky started on the pole and led the opening lap until second generation racer Chris Holland grabbed the top spot. Holland, who returned to the driver’s seat after nearly a year hiatus, went on to claim the victory with Bassinisky remaining in the second spot.


2021 Big Diamond Speedway point champion, Andy Fayash III, registered a third place finish while the Bill Arndt COLT45 tribute car of C.J. Ferguson grabbed a fourth place finish. Ray Gara, a seasoned veteran who returned back behind the wheel this year, rounded out the top five.


In the four cylinder Charger division, Eric Hollenbach led in wire-to wire fashion driving the Charles Kimmel Racing -711 (car number honors Eric’s uncle, former Fredericksburg Speedway racer Lynn Foster). It was Hollenbach’s second win of the month as he registered a win in a different car at Linda’s Speedway back on Oct 8th.


Eric’s brother Ed Hollenbach finished in second. Veteran racer Shane Flaherty, grabbed a strong third place. Troy Hostetter, who crashed in turn one of the first lap, rebounded for a fourth place finish and former Shippensburg (PA) Speedway track champion Christian Smith rounded out the top five.


In the 15-lap Outlaw Vintage Modified main event, Jeff Paulson was the shining star up front. But another force was flexing his way through the field which just happened to be longtime Grandview Speedway competitor Kenny Gilmore. He started from the last position and methodically worked through the field.


With five laps remaining, Gilmore joined the top three. Gilmore went three wide with the leaders in an attempt to pass both from the high side of turn one. As they approached a lapped car Kenny had to follow suit behind the top two, but grabbed the runner up spot as the field drew to the checkers. Paulson scored the win followed by Gilmore, Scott Schaeffer, Kevin Kuser and Wes Cassel.


A full field of Vintage Sportsman took the green for their 15-lap feature. Joe Medaglia started up front in the Troyer-12A Jack Johnson tribute car. Medaglia’s eventual win was no easy task as he closely battled with Jay Garris for the lead. With eight laps complete, the leaders joined a lapped car in a three wide excursion with contact made. Medaglia withstood the challenge and steered to his second win of the season.


Garris, in a beautiful No. 31 representing the famed Dorney Park (PA) Speedway, finished second while Denise Hall held on for third and was followed by Wayne Roth. Legendary racer Gary Gollub returned back behind the wheel of the Dave Dissinger fielded-157 and steered to a popular fifth place effort.


The Enduro Mechanics race had 12 entrants with a familiar face in victory lane. Travis Guyer throttled his brother’s 77 to the main event victory in the final Grandview Enduro race of 2021..


During intermission, many of the afternoon’s competitors brought out their cars and took part in a special Trick or Treat segment for all of the kids enjoying Sunday’s events. A good time was had by all. Special thanks goes out to the staff of the Outlaw Enduro Series, Grandview Speedway and all of the drivers for making this a huge success. Also, a great turnout of kids on hand for the Trick or Treat.


The event also honored Vince Gagliardo Sr. who passed away recently on October 10th at the age of 79. Mr. Gagliardo was an area race team owner for many seasons and will sadly be missed by the racing fraternity of drivers and fans. A beautiful number 41 car driven by his son Brian Gagliardo was at the speedway. In an emotional moment. the field formed a missing man formation for the start of the Vintage Sportsman feature honoring Mr. Gagliardo.


The Outlaw Enduro Series will take part in an event to be held at the Baps Motor Speedway (Newberrytown PA) on Saturday November 13th. The Big Cars and Small Cars will be competing and it is the final point race for both classes.






BIG CAR ENDURO (75-LAPS): 1) 88-Dylan Schantz, 2) 71x-Gunnar Schultz, 3) 45-Rob Schultz, 4) 77-Brandon Guyer, 5) 32-Joe Kunkel, 6) 25T-Travis Guyer, 7) 14-Bob Wink, 8) 3H-Jamie Naftzinger, 9) 7-Mike Fiskaldo, 10) 61-Jon Haegele, 11) 23A-Aaron Frazier, 12) 70-Chuck Detweiler, 13) 16-Walt Lemmon, 14) 79BC-Dirk Rimrott, 15) 25c-Nick Clemens, 16) 97-Jerry Kress, 17) 36-Justen Steigerwalt.


SMALL CAR ENDURO (50-LAPS): 1) 11-Brian Moyer, 2) 88-Dylan Schantz, 3) 11x-Rob Pyle, 4) 99x-Rob Storms, 5) 26-Austin Weller, 6) 127-Gary Grim, 7) 32J-Julian Storms, 8) 24Y-Chris Yob, 9) 49-Clay Wollyung, 10) XL2-Matt Peck, 11) 02-Ed Herman, 12) 39-Phil Levering, 13) 52-Matt Smith, 14) 555-Josh Case, 15) 22-Chase Spengler, 16) P13-Jennifer Hausman, 17) 2B-Josh Bucls, 18) 54-Tyler Schmeltzle.


JUNKYARD CAR ENDURO (50-LAPS): 1) 11-Brian Moyer, 2) 11R-Russell Hilbert, 3) 4G-Rob Longo, 4) 139-Brett Gilmore, 5) 34-Brian Miller, 6) 19B-Brian Kunkel, 7) 13-Adam Kratzer, 8) P13-Kevin Hausman, 9) 19R-Roy Denike, 10) 66-Adam Krauss, 11) 68-James Benz, 12) 23-Hannah Leibensberger, 13) 67-Charlene Benz, 14) 39-Phil Levering, 15) 18-Andrew Wolff, 16) 11K-Alyssa Krauss. DQ: 19-John Bilofsky, 3-Tyler Bilofsky.


ROADRUNNER FEATURE (15-LAPS): 1) 8c-Chris Holland, 2) 4-Joe Bassinisky, 3) 77-Andy Fayash III, 4) COLT45-C.J. Ferguson, 5) 22G-Ray Gara, 6) 11K-Kyle Wingle, 7) 78-Tonya Lance, 8) 3-Louis Gara, 9) 1s-Seth Reichert.


FOUR CYLINDER CHARGER FEATURE (15-LAPS): 1) 711-Eric Hollenbach, 2) 00-Ed Hollenbach, 3) 14-Shane Flaherty, 4) 01-Troy Hostetter, 5) 69SR-Christian Smith, 6) 10-Chucky Kimmel, 7) 23-Hailey Smith, 8) 19-Raymond Gradwell.


VINTAGE MODIFIED FEATURE (15-LAPS): 1) PB-Jeff Paulson, 2) 14-Kenny Gilmore, 3) 77s-Scott Schaeffer, 4) 55-Kevin Kuser, 5) 28c-Wes Cassel, 6) 28cx-Andy Cassel, 7) 88-Freddy Brightbill, 8) R10-Dominique Deglas, 9) 923-Todd Lapp, 10) 63-Jon Lines, 11) 60over-Bobby Hall. DNF: 36-Mike Stoflflet. DNS: 41-Brian Gagliardo.


VINTAGE SPORTSMAN FEATURE (15-LAPS): 1) 12A-Joe Medaglia, 2) 31-Jay Garris, 3) 923-Denise Hall, 4) 17-Wayne Roth, 5) 157-Gary Gollub, 6) 19-Vince Gagliardo Jr., 7) 17-Davey Wenger, 8) PB-Butch Marvin, 9) 75-Bill Carrm 10) 21-John Pasteur. DNF: 11) 3-Mike Garris Sr., 12) 8-Tom Orth, 13) 36-Colton Perry, 14) 7-Myron Haydt, 15) 88x-Gage Phillip. DNS: 44-Chris Reid.


ENDURO MECHANICS ( 20-LAPS): 1) 77-Travis Guyer, 2) 25T-Travis Guyer, 3) 61-Rick Haegele, 4) 8c-Kevin Holland, 5) 77-Chuck Fayash, 6) 79-Max Smith, 7) 88-Jamie Schawitz, 8) 52-Ray Smith, 9) 39-Bill Kummerer, 10) 24Y-Brian James, 11) Kevin Hausman, 12) 88s-Anthony Barton.


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