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VanDoren Shocks Indoor Auto Racing World Championship With Win In Allentown (SDS Photo's/Dirt Track Digest)

ALLENTOWN, PA – Tanner VanDoren, a 15-year-old racer from Slatington, PA, shocked an Allentown crowd when he drove a backup Kluth Motorsports No. 44 TQ Midget to victory in Friday night’s Ironton Global Allentown Indoor TQ Midget Race.

“It’s so hard to believe this happened,” VanDoren told an Indoor Auto Racing Series crowd. “I wasn’t even supposed to race this, I was just coming to take a few practice laps.”
The young driver had agreed to run the Sesely backup car this past Wednesday with the understanding that he would have to vacate the car if the primary car had any issues. VanDoren was one of the quickest competitors in the field, finishing second in the TQ Midget Time Trials.
VanDoren, who started third in the TQ feature, didn’t gain the lead in the race until lap 23 after a mechanical failure on Andy Jankowiak’s car sent him and challenger Ryan Flores spinning. The battle between Flores and Jankowiak – a mainstay rivalry in the Indoor Auto Racing Championship – took the stage for the better part of the 30-lap main event.
Over the final eight laps, Tim Buckwalter emerged as VanDoren’s toughest challenger. A restart with two laps left put the two side-by-side but VanDoren ran out the last few to register the surprise score.
Kyle Lick finished in the third position after battling for the early lead, Shawn Nye finished in the fourth position, and Flores, after his spin, completed the top five.
VanDoren is now eligible to win the Ironton Auto Body Challenge on Saturday’s Future Homes night. The $10,000 bonus can be earned if VanDoren agrees to start tenth in the Saturday night feature, earning $1,000 on the spot. If VanDoren wins Saturday’s main event, he will earn the Ironton Auto Body Challenge.
The E. Schneider & Sons sponsored TQ Fast Time Award Friday was earned by Andy Jankowiak after a scintillating session in which drivers were provided with multiple opportunities to better their times once each of the 42 drivers had posted a time. Jankowiak’s 7.564 run came in his fourth attempt. Tanner VanDoren (7.595) Tommy Catalano (7.597), Ryan Flores (7.616) and Tyler Thompson (7.616) completed the top five, with Flores credited with fourth based on a faster second lap.
West End Equipment sponsored the four TQ Midget heats. Kyle Lick, Tanner VanDoren, Billy Pauch, Jr., and Scott Kreutter were the race victors, with the margins of victory in all four races of less than a car length.
Aqua Duck Water Transport sponsored the TQ Friday night B Mains. Andrew Nye, who was a last minute replacement driver for Jonthan Reid who was injured at his home, won the first B Main. The rugged second B Main was claimed by Anthony Sesely.
Todd Crenshaw of Winchester, VA gained top spot in the 20-lap Champ Kart feature early and once in front, put on a dazzling driving demonstration, knifing back through the 24-Kart effortlessly to prevail.
Brett Bieber of Oley, PA worked his way carefully to the front of the field in the 20-lap Slingshot main event. Bieber had won the Slingshot feature in 2022 in Allentown as well.
Pocono Raceway sponsored the Champ Kart Friday night heat races. Those races were claimed by JJ Pacovich, TJ Reid and Chase Keister. The B Main was won by Tyler Brown.
S&S Speedways sponsored the Friday night Slingshot heat races which were won by Alex Reinsmith, Brett Putnam, and Brett Bieber. Michael Lapicki won the night’s final preliminary, the Slingshot B Main.
TQ Midgets, Champ Karts, and Slingshots return to the PPL Center in Allentown, PA tomorrow, Saturday night, January 6, 2024. The Saturday night TQ Midget Allentown finale will be run over a 40-lap distance.
TQ Midgets (30 Laps): 1. Tanner VanDoren, 2. Tim Buckwalter, 3. Kyle Lick, 4. Shawn Nye, 5. Ryan Flores, 6. Tyler Thompson, 7. Anthony Payne, 8. Jake Trainor, 9. Nick Ladyga, 10. Ryan Bartlett, 11. Tommy Catalano, 12. Andrew Nye, 13. Tyler Ferris, 14. Chase Cabre, 15. Anthony Sesely, 16. Andy Jankowiak, 17. Billy Pauch Jr., 18. Trevor Catalano, 19. Matt Swanson, 20. Scott Kreutter, 21. Ryan Smith, 22. Joey Bailey, 23. Tyler Lindsay, 24. Matt Janisch. TQ Non-Qualifiers: Briggs Danner, Matt Chowns, Chris Hirt, Jimmy Zacharias, Matt Roselli, Bobby Holmes, Matt Caprara, Derek Robbie, Kyle Herve, Stephen Kemery, John Barnett, Doug Stearly, Greg Martin, Ryan Tidman, Joe Toth, Chad Jones, Tyler Catalano.
Action Track USA Slingshots (20 Laps): 1. Brett Bieber, 2. Scott Neary, 3. Matthew Mertz, 4. Dylan Hoch. 5. Alex Reinsmith, 6. Simon Egan, 7. Jonathan Laureigh, 8. James Benz, 9. Lucas Pittenger, 10. Cody Kline, 11. Chris Laureigh, 12. Michael Lapicki, 13. Paul Hartwig III, 14. John Redner, 15. PJ Bozowski, 16. Charlene Benz, 17. Tyler Ulsh, 18. Austin Kroboth, 19. Brett Putnam, 20. Ryan Raidline.
Hoosier Tire Champ Karts (20 Laps) – 1. Todd Crenshaw 2. Alex Smolders 3. JJ Pacovich 4. TJ Reed 5. Chase Keister 6. Quentin Graham Jr. 7. Logan Crisafulli 8. Brandon Tiezzi 9. Max Pfeifer 10. Preston DeMello 11. Doug Stearly 12. Tyler Brown 13. Hailey Eroh 14. Dylan Dinsmoor 15. Josh Patterson 16. Seth Whitney 17. Thomas Radivoy 18. John Berger 19. Missy Bootes 20. Tanner Emmons
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