Sunday, June 14, 2009


Man, what a crazy day and night it was! The weather being so unpredictable. It was my daughter and I running a solo Cowpatty effort to "THE HILL" last nite! Fire Marshall Doug was on fire duty, manning the front stretch once again. The skies were very ominous looking when we arrived only to somewhat clear out and turn cooler than expected. We headed up pitside to the gate and met Brian who is a Jon Kellner Sr pit crewman. Nice meeting you Brian and thanks for picking up a "CPN" shirt! Good Luck to Jon the rest of the season and to you learning the ropes. Next was Ben Moyer who plays a big role with the "PPB" team of Billy Pauch Jr. Ben picked up shirts for himself, Billy Pauch Jr and Eric Kauffman of Kauffman's barbecue. Thanks Ben! Can't wait to see the "new" body on the #8. Todd Bashore also picked up his "CPN" shirt last night. Todd runs the parts truck in the pits! The Bashore family business. Gave a shout out to Jason Hamilton on the way back to the stands.
We had the pleasure of meeting Storm R-1 Trooper and his wife in the stands. Great to meet you guys! Storm R-1 picked up his "CPN" shirt also. Obviously they are big supporters of Johnny Rea and Ryan Godown. Earlier in the day we had the pleasure of hanging out with Pete Knappenberger at Doug Ritters graduation party. A good time that was! Pete scored a couple "CPN" shirts for himself and Whippy from his show Racers Roundtable. Thanks Pete! Sorry we didnt catch up with the infamous Diamond Dog! Sorry I missed you DD! I don't like missing the opportunity for some good "race chatter" with the Dog! Also a brief chat with Chris Noble with his excellent Greatest Show on Dirt website and Jeff Pfister. Yo, Sidney got it DONE! Congrats!
With URC in the house there is always plenty of action. They accounted for 3 flips thru-out the evening with some very close racing. Still cool to see "ageless" Kramer Williamson behind the wheel. Amazing! The modifieds were a little less aggressive. I spoke to Mike Kelly pre-race and he laid down the law at the drivers meeting and there were no questions asked by any of the drivers!! He figured we will just see how it plays out! The racing was clean for the most part. Poor Tom Umbenhauer had the 357 rockin'. Its a shame the motor seemed have terminal issues over the last few laps of the heat race. Billy Pauch Jr had a different body on the car and they will be putting a brand new body on for the upcoming weeks. CVD was back with the TEO car once again. Kerry Kratz also returned after a week off. Jeremy Banos and Addison Meitzler were equally impressive winning their respective heat races. Shawn Reimert was also hauling the mail to win his heat race. It was rookie heat win night also for A.J. Desantis who had the #14 honkin' to win his heat. Jon Kellner Sr and Mike Gular won the consi's.
7 laps into the URC feature after a red flag, the rains and lightning began. We made the quick trip to the car before the skies opened up and cancelled the show. Man, my daughter was pissed! She said, "Dad, you have got to be kidding. We saw everything but the features and now we have to go home?" "What about the pits...I love the pits!" You know, I never thought I would hear her say that but, DAMN...that is a GREAT feeling! I guess the acorn doesnt fall that far from the tree!! Till next week...keep on Cowpattying!

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jnbtodic said...

It was nice meeting you too Brett! The shirt is great, i will wear it proudly!!